Imagine what it would be like to have access to the most coveted financial information. Imagine if that information was just a few clicks away. The financial markets account for $1.3 trillion dollars in the United States and the opportunity to dominate that market lies with whoever has the right information. More than ever, consumers are turning the internet to find the top quality golden nuggets of information.

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That’s where I come in. The problem these days isn’t that there isn’t enough information; the problem is that we have too much information. The number one thing that holds people back from financial success is simply that they’ve picked up some bad information. My aim is to provide the golden nuggets and important pieces of information while excluded the irrelevant information.

For the last 22 years I have worked for major firms analyzing market data, interviewing world-class entrepreneurs, and studying global finance. With the massive demand for accurate, potent, and game changing information out there, I decided to start my Bulletproof Financing blog. By combining my passions for finance and writing, I have now found the perfect medium to continue my career. In addition, I now offer my expert copywriting in the fields of stocks, investments and financing.


For those needing professional quality content relating to the Financial industry, I can be your go-to person. The content you’ll recieve:

  • Establish your website as an industry expert and go-to site for all things financing related, improving your web traffic, and engagement.
  • Help you stay in touch with your market and audience by providing expert insights into what they are looking for. I’ll summarize hours of research and quality content and inform you of what you need to know.
  • Increase web traffic to your site by generating quality, viral content that your audiences are absolutely craving for.
  • Increase lead generation and sales due to increased traffic, engagement and professional copywriting.

My services can be invaluable to you, your services and your website. Having regular, engaging and well-informed content on your site , from someone who lives and breathes this niche can keep audiences coming back for more!